Neurotherapy Results

Success in all aspects of life.

Neurotherapy uses the innovative techniques of brain training to help you achieve emotional balance in your life and reach your peak performance levels physically and mentally. It also can help your children overcome the most common barriers to personal and scholastic achievement.

Neurotherapy effectively improves performance, emotional balance, and scholastic position.

Utilizing the most up-to-date brain-training techniques of neurofeedback and neurofitness, we help clients improve emotional balance in their lives and achieve peak performance in their personal and business endeavors. Much like physical training, we use brainwave training to strengthen specific brainwave patterns. The more you practice activating a specific area, the stronger and more capable that area becomes.

Neurotherapy for Adolescents

Our team places a special focus on helping children, adolescents, and college students break through the unique barriers they face in gaining personal and scholastic success on their paths to adulthood. We offer a comfortable and child friendly clinic, designed to be a safe, caring, supportive space for the sensitive young mind. Let us show you how our approach to brain training can help your child or adolescent. Learn more about neurotherapy results and the process here.


Brain Mapping

Individual brain maps are compared to clinical databases to augment our understanding of the map and your brain function. We use this information to design neurofeedback training personalized to your unique brain.



Neurofitness training accelerates the way neurons change within the brain as a response. This learning process provides feedback at precisely the moment when the brain is doing something right with audible or video cues.



Brain-computer interface training is a technique that allows the brain to regulate itself in order to maintain a stable state of focused attention, alertness, and emotional control. Comfortable, this involves no medication or invasive procedures.



You are “rewarded” for generating brain wave patterns that show desired changes. Rewards may take the form of a simple auditory cueing beep or can be as complex as playing computer games.