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The human brain is the most complex and wondrous mechanism known to man—a 100 billion cells (neurons) communicating through electrical pulses (brain waves) traveling along a trillion or more pathways. Your brain is control central for your mind and body – it is the originator of your every thought, the storehouse for all you’ll ever learn. It monitors and manages all the physical activity of your life. Additionally, the brain greatly determines how you respond emotionally to the world around you.

Neurotherapy uses the innovative techniques of brain training to help you achieve emotional balance in your life and reach your peak performance levels physically and mentally. It also can help your children overcome the most common barriers to personal and scholastic achievement.

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New Vita Neurotherapy brings together an outstanding team of therapists and counselors dedicated to improving the mental, emotional and physical lives of adults, adolescents and children. New Vita uses the most up-to-date brain-training techniques of neurofeedback and neurofitness to help clients improve emotional balance in their lives and achieve peak performance in their personal and business endeavors.

Our team also places a special focus on helping children, adolescents and college students break through the unique barriers they face in gaining personal and scholastic success on their paths to adulthood.

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Peak Performance

Much like physical training, we use brainwave training to strengthen specific brainwave patterns. The more you practice activating a specific area, the stronger and more capable that area becomes.

Emotional Balance

By eliminating negative patterns and restoring the system to balance, optimum function can be restored and the secondary symptoms naturally fade away. Resist the message that nothing can be done, and discover what brain training can do for you.

Scholastic Success

Neurotherapy is an especially effective method to help your child or adolescent better handle the challenges of learning, develop social skills and control the effects of behavioral disorders such as ADHD.


What Our Clients Say

“Wonderful staff with a professional team of caregivers. A real pleasure to be treated by people who genuinely care and seek to make each experience a positive opportunity for healing and wellness.”

“New Vita has dynamic team with a variety of tools to provide the best service for the individual and families.”

“The team really understands the complexities of grief and trauma and how to create a treatment plan that will be most effective for each individual client. I’m so thankful for their role in helping me find peace and healing after my miscarriage!

I couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate and caring practitioner, and my experience there was truly life changing.”

“Friendly & knowledgeable staff.”

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