New Vita Academy of Traumatology

group of people sitting on chair in front of wooden table inside white painted room

New Vita Academy of Traumatology is an accredited training site under Green Cross Academy of Traumatology.

New Vita offers Green Cross Courses, such as: 

  • Compassion Fatigue Educator
  • Compassion Fatigue Therapist
  • Disaster Trauma 
  • Understanding PTSD

  • Child/Adolescent Trauma Treatment
  • Trauma and Family Treatment
  • Sexual Trauma. 

FEMA’s Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools training and the ICISF CISM for Schools can be taught and tweaked for a system’s specific needs. 

Sherry Todd, PhD, LPC is an Approved Instructor for the following ICISF CISM courses:

• Individual and Group Crisis Intervention -GRIN or the Combo course (3-day)

• Individual Crisis Intervention (2-days)

• Group Crisis Intervention (2-days)
• Law Enforcement Enhanced Intervention (2-days)
• Advanced Group Crisis Intervention (2-days)
• Stress Management for Trauma Providers (2-days)
• School Crisis Intervention (2-days)
• Suicide Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention (2-days)
• Trauma and Addiction (2-days)

• Suicide Awareness (1 day)

Let’s get you trained.