Neurotherapy Process

Train your brain.

Live a fuller life.

The human brain is the most complex and wondrous mechanism known to man—a 100 billion cells (neurons) communicating through electrical pulses (brain waves) traveling along a trillion or more pathways. Your brain is control central for your mind and body – it is the originator of your every thought, the storehouse for all you’ll ever learn. It monitors and manages all the physical activity of your life. Additionally, the brain greatly determines how you respond emotionally to the world around you.

How We Train Your Brain With Neurofeedback
A map of your brain

Brain maps are a different way of looking at the brain. They are a sensitive measure of the delicate electrical communication process of your brain. Brain maps start with an electroencephalogram (EEG). The tiny electrical pulses or brainwaves are measured at various sites on the scalp, which reflect the brain’s activity underneath. The measurements are digitized and the amounts of each type of brainwave are quantified. The results are referred to as a brain map. Color-coding is used to simplify viewing.

Individual brain maps are compared to clinical databases to augment our understanding of the map and your brain function. We use this information to design neurofeedback training personalized to your unique brain.

The training process

Neurofitness training relies on an underlying principle called neuroplasticity—the way neurons change and the brain reorganizes its networks in response to learning new skills and the new experiences we have in our lives. Neurofitness accelerates this adaptive learning process by providing feedback at precisely the moment when the brain is doing something right. An audible or video cue acting like an electronic coach gives feedback.

What does brain-computer interface training do?

Neurofeedback is a technique that allows the brain to regulate itself in order to maintain a stable state of focused attention, alertness, and emotional control. It is comfortable, and involves no medication or invasive procedures.

What will you experience during training?

During neurofeedback training, you will sit in a comfortable chair with small electronic sensors attached to your scalp. You can look at a computer screen to see visual results of your training. The sensors allow a computer to monitor your brain wave patterns.

You are “rewarded” for generating brain wave patterns that show desired changes such as increased attention, alertness, and emotional control for example. Rewards may take the form of a simple auditory cueing beep or can be as complex as playing computer games. The brain learns from this feedback and adjusts accordingly, strengthening its ability to achieve and maintain this state. Over time, the brain becomes able to self-regulate and achieves this state on its own.