Counseling Groups

Support for individuals experiencing similar life events.

We believe you can heal together.

New Vita Neurotherapy offers group counseling for individuals, couples, or family members that meet in a small, comfortable group setting to discuss, interact, explore, and heal emotional concerns.

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Couples Counseling

To help combat the stress of life which affects couples’ well-being and give couples the opportunity to strengthen their relationship, our office offers groups designed for married couples or couples who may be dating, engaged, or recently married. Utilizing either the Boundaries in Marriage material by Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend or the Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) material by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, we offer these groups throughout the year based on interest and need.

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Overcoming Grief & Loss

We offer a five-week support group for individuals who have experienced loss. The group environment provides a setting for participants to explore and better understand the emotions and thoughts that can accompany grief. The group is facilitated in a manner that aids with the integration of grief and loss into the participants life by contemplating the meaning that can be gleaned from the loss and how to positively grow after the loss. Individual, couples and family counseling is also available to assist people to process through their grief. 

Military Family Transitions

Homecomings, Transfers, and Promotions impact military families physically, but also emotionally. This group is designed to discuss and explore the emotions that come with each new life phase presented by a military lifestyle. Being proactive can be extremely helpful to ensure pitfalls that many military families may face related to these transitions are avoided or easily overcome.

Contact Ron Riffle by email  to schedule a consultation for military family counseling groups.

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High School to College Transition for Parents and Students 

The stress of the transition from high school to college impacts both parents and students in different ways. We explore stress, and anxiety management, communication, expectations of college, and the roles that the parent and the student have in the transition to college. There are many stressors, but starting a dialogue and facing these challenges.

I’m so thankful for their role in helping me find peace and healing.”

Let’s get through this together.

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